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Welcome to the Bila Tserkva Linkpage. This was the first site about Bila Tserkva that was created for all those interested in this beautiful town. Bila Tserkva is situated about 80 km from Kyiv, the

capital of the Ukraine. Originally, this place was created to collect all the URLs (sites) having to do

with this town. Then, this place is where people from this town find old friends/relatives and meet new people. It must be mentioned that  most of the audience of Bila Tserkva Linkpage is from abroad. Enjoy your stay!

BTL is short for Bila Tserkva Linkpage. Why Linkpage? Linkpage comes from Linkage. If you want to see your web-site in the BT-links, email us with the request. Browse the site for more information and give us your feedback!

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We hope by the time you get to know the BTL, you will have liked it.

Idea, design&Html, and maintenance: Vladislav Kulchitski
Sergey Franchuk



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Do you live in Bila Tserkva?
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54% - No - 
31% - Used to
Total participants: 26... read more about this

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