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Results Of BTL-questionnaire

BTL Questionnaire

How will you rate BTL?

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It's bad
Extermely bad

Current Results

I would like to thank all those who took place in our small questionnaire project, which helped me to see once more that the visitors of the page are mostly from abroad, and about small percentage of them are from Bila Tserkva itself. Basically, there cannot be drawn any sort of conclusion since the number of particiants was insufficuent to draw any serious ones. But, some interesting stuff I have seen I can mention. So, from those who took place, there was only 4 people from Bila Tserkva itself! Then the biggest number of visitors answered No to the question "Are you from Bila Tserkva?" 8 visitors were from abroad but they used to live in Bila Tserkva. The question was designed in a very simple way, an example of which you can see on the image above, as well as from the screenshot below. On the screenshot you can see the field the background of which should have been saying "country", where the person was supposed to enter the country he/she is from. But some of the Internet browsers, might probably have failed to load the background in the cell and the participants were confused writing a variety of different comments instead. For instance, some wrote their E-mail addresses, some left their mailing addresses, others have left there their comments, greetings, and so on.



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