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One of the biggest things in my life is driving, cars, and everything about it. The story began when I was about 15 and my father asked me if I felt like learning how to drive. He first asked me 'if I gave you a car, could you drive?' I said 'maybe' and I tried... he was laughing because I thought it was so easy to just sit and go ahead. That day he taught me how to start moving with shift-stick, i.e. manual transmission. So, another reason of this page is to thank my father for everything he'd done for me not just driving.

This list of the cars you see above  isn't a joke, these are all the cars I have tested, except Russian and Ukrainian cars (which I did not want to include here). How come you'll ask... well when I was learning how to drive, which took me about a few weeks, my father got a part time job in Ukraine-Italian company which was bringing second-hand cars from Italy to Ukraine. And most of those cars were driven by me. Actually, I was driving them the way they drive them in Italian movies :) I couldn't drive my own car like that because I would feel bad about my car. And those cars were handled like this by everyone in the firm in the first place; so, I didn't do anything wrong. I still remember that feeling when I was stepping on the acceleration in Volvo, and my hands were "shaking," remember that was in early 90s, we didn't have a lot of cool cars in kraine, so any foreign made car was something new and cool no matter how old it is. 

Below is a small list of the web sites about cars that I love to visit:

 - Mercedes S-class club
 - Lots of pictures. Mercedes, BMW, and more
 - Lorinser (Mercedes-tuning)
 - Brabus (Mercedes-tuning)
 - Cartalk
 - Tons of BMW pictures
 - Autoreview (in Russian)
 - Review of new S-class (in Russian, by Autoreview)
 - Auto (in Russian)
 - "3a Py/\eM" (in Russian)
 - F1 (official page)
 - F1 (unofficial page in Russian)
 - F1 (unofficial page, maybe the best one)
 - F1drivers (in Russian)
 - Private autopages: #1, #2(tuning links)
 - Mercedes S600 page, so-so page