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My name is Vladislav Kulchitski (people who know me well call me Vladik, Vlad, etc). I was born in the Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. When I was 17 I went to Cyprus where I finished Intercollege thanking my parents.

I love driving my father taught me how to drive when I was 15... the time I was learning how to drive, my father worked in one Italian company that was bringing second-hand-cars to Ukraine, that's how I got to test-drive most of the cool ones. Also, I love computers, meaning used to, now I rather love web-development and advertising. This started as a hobby when I was studying in Cy, but turned to professional career now

...I think friends, as far as the meaning of this word, is a big issue in everyone's life, so is it in mine. Therefore, I have a lot of friends but ones I can take for *real* ones... following - Tyoma, Assel, Kirill, Robert, Base... I have lots more, there won't be space on this page to put all names though... so all those others who didn't get in to this top5 :) sorry... I remember you all!..

...What else? Actually, I am into music very much and like a lot of diffrent stuff. But my most
favorite ever is Gary Moore and Mumiy Troll.

If you want you can check out what's up