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N of the site Name of the site and link Short Description Location*
1 Magnus The first ISP in Bila Tserkva ua
2 Dias Warrior Dmitrij Filipov Home Page ua
3 Bila Tserkva State Agrarian University Bila Tserkva State Agrarian University ua
4 Sergey Laryuk Sergey Laryuk Home Page ua
5 Elena Savenko Elena Savenko Home Page ua/de
6 Bilotserkivsilmash Bilotserkivsilmash ua
7 Ferroceram ua
8 Gipron ua
9 Vladislav Kulchitski Home Page Vladislav Kulchitski Home Page cy
10 BTSAU Something about Bila Tserkva with some photographs ua
11 Famous Matemetician The page about famous matematician from Bila Tserkva uk
12 Ruslan Smolyansky Ruslan Smolyansky Home Page usa
13 Alexandra Hayat Sasha's Home Page il
14 "Farm Advisory Service" ua
15 Where Cash Isn't A King About Trunk's Factory se
16 Gross - Blum Family Family Tree usa
17 Andrei Panchenko Andrei Panchenko Home Page ua
18 Mikhail Toporovski Mikhail Toporovski Home Page il
19 Igor Toporovski Igor Toporovski Home Page il
20 Igor Kulchitski Igor Kulchitski  Home Page ua
21 Sergey Franchuk Sergey Franchuk Home Page ua
22 Alla Computer Hardware/Software Company ua
23 Company ITO ua
24 Intersoft Software Development Company ua
25 The Molefsky, Baltman and Related Families Another Family Tree usa
26 Olga Antimonova English-Russian High-Tech Scientific Translations ua
27 Jewish Community Historical Information about Jewish Community usa
28 Soiuzagrointer ua
29 Bila Tserkva Agency of Enterprise Agency for the Development of Enterprise, Ukraine, Bila Tserkva ua
30 Solar Eclipses Solar Eclipses of Ukraine, Bila Tserkva ch
31 Arthur Lysenko Arthur Lysenko Home Page usa
32 Alexey Naugolniy Naugolniy Alexey Home Page ua
33 Informational Gaming Centre ua
34 Bila Tserkva Schools usa
35 Kompex Computers, accessories, electronics. ua
36 TEKO Ltd West German Electrotechnical Procucts ua
37 Vladislav (Even) Vladislav's Home Page usa
38 Shamil's Home Page ua
39 Andrey Gromovoi Andrey Gromovoi Home Page ua
40 Andrey Deveykin Andrey Deveykin Home Page il
41 Amirigo Web Site ua
42 Rosava Company ua
43 Park Olexandria ua
44 Bela Tserkva Sister of our town in Yugoslavia! yu
45 Bila Tserkva - City of Kindness   ua
46 An attempt for another Bila Tserkva page ua
47 Magnus Computers   ua
48 Belcom Internet NEW ISP in Bila Tserkva ua
49 AO "Belotsink"   ua
50 Eastern-European Bank   ua

Streetball 2000

52 Termo-Pack   ua
* Location describes the location of the owner of the site

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This list of links contains the pages that have to do with Bila Tserkva, directly or indirectly. Only these kinds of pages will be added to the list. Web sites of other subjects that might be of interest will be listed further down the page under the title of "Miscellaneous Links". If you know of any page that must be in this list, or if you have your own page that you want to see here, please contact us with the request.

The pages are listed in no particular order. The only rule that has been followed is to store the links as they were found, meaning the recent link is the last one in the list, the very first link that was added to this page consequently the first one in the list.

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Miscellaneous links

Name of the site and link Short Description
Leonid Kuchma - The President of the Ukraine "The country as a project". This a very interesting web site; Leonid Kuchma, the president of the Ukraine, tells us about his work.
Ukrainians On The Web Web Ring
Welcome to Ukraine Welcome to Ukraine
UA Today Ukraine Today
Currency Calculator Currency Calculator
Map Quest Virtual maps of the World
Brama This is a nice layed out Ukrainian Gateway where you may start your search of whatever you look for concerning Ukraine
META Ukrainian search system Ukrainian portal
Flowers Delivery in Ukraine